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All About Sugar

Your baking session won’t be complete without sugar. For beginners, you might not be aware that there are different types of sugar. There is a type of sugar suitable for certain pastries and terrible for others. Know your sugar in order to create masterpieces.


Granulated Sugar (White, Refined, Regular)

Granulated sugar is everywhere. You can visit every household and look for it, and you will surely find one. Granulated sugar is flexible. You can use it on almost any type of pastry. It came from molasses and goes through a series of process to make it white and refined. It’s also cheap and usually comes with a discount if you get a whole sack. What makes it great for baking is it doesn’t cake which is perfect for conservative pastries that need to meet a certain texture and softness.

Confectioners’ Sugar (Also Known as Powdered Sugar)


Confectioners’ sugar is used for icing or frosting because it has smaller particles compared to granulated sugar. You won’t even feel them on your tongue. It is pounded and mixed with cornstarch to balance the sweetness. If you are familiar with “puppy chow”, it is the famous white powder that covers your favorite doughnuts and cookies.

Course Sugar

If you think that sugar has to be super refined, you are wrong. There is a certain type of sugar used in baking, called “course sugar”. It is mainly used for decoration just like the clothes you buy from online shops like lazada and zalora. It comes with different colors meant to be sprinkled on pastries as a finishing touch. Course sugar is resistant to heat which makes it perfect for candies and baked goods.

Demerara Sugar

This sugar is commonly used as sprinkles in certain types of pastries. Demerara sugar is well-known in England. It has the perfect balance between being raw and refined. Demerara sugar is brownish and has bigger granules compared to brown sugar. There are some molasses retained in every granule that you can taste. The famous voucher qatar airways use demerara sugar when serving their complimentary tea or coffee. Bakers use demerara sugar if they want to control the sweetness of their pastries with some added flavours from the molasses.

Stevia Powder

steviaPastry products are a food category that diabetics will normally avoid, because it will spike their blood sugar. But diabetics can now also enjoy pastries through the help of this amazing sugar alternative called, stevia. Unlike normal sugar, Stevia powder is extracted from stevia leaves. The Stevia powder is even sweeter than a normal sugar without the calories. Using Stevia powder will not cause blood sugar spike which makes it perfect for people suffering from diabetes.